Who we are?

ITMES Hungary has been designed to meet the growing needs of industrial consumers and beyond for the repair of electronic machines / equipment. Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in repairing industrial electronic equipment. Thanks to our accumulated experience, we can say that we are able to respond to any technological challenge.

Among our main activities we can mention the following:

  • Industrial electronics repair and automation
  • Building computer networks
  • Security systems (surveillance and security systems)
  • Fire protection systems
  • Building management systems (BMS), design of intelligent buildings
  • Parking systems (with payment or license plate recognition)
  • Bath, fitness, wellness, spa access and registration systems
  • Personal storage machines

Our team is at your disposal for information on repair, efficient or cost-saving solutions.

Our experience

  • Industrial repairs
  • Computer networks
  • Camera, property and fire protection
  • Parking, access control systems

What we think

Our vision

We believe that the quality work done speaks for itself. This is evidenced by the numerous industrial machines that have been improved and the many IT, security, access and surveillance systems that our team has successfully installed and commissioned in recent years.

Technical direction

Our company strives to always supply and install solutions and components in accordance with the given state of the art, regardless of whether it is a repair or a new system to be installed.

Our partners

As far as our suppliers are concerned, in recent years we have selected those for whom we have found the quality we expected and which we want to pass on to our customers. With regard to components or solutions, we carefully select them in consultation with the customer for a quality workmanship.


A quality part lasts longer than it comes from a dubious but cheaper place. If only the defective part itself is replaced in the device under repair and not the ones assigned to or dependent on it, there is a high probability that the repaired device will be returned for another repair soon.

The quality of the devices used in computer systems is key, especially if they are an integral part of the network, such as routers, switches, or wifi repeaters. ITMES Hungary carefully selects the devices to be used according to the purpose, so that they meet the given network and usage requirements.

When designing a security system, we always look at what its real role is and what the value is to protect, as it is not possible to install a cheap, simple system where the value is about millions or billions of items. ITMES Hungary pays attention to the given goals and selects the appropriate tools accordingly, so we can offer a cost-effective solution.

Thank you for your trust!