Computer Networks

With the help of ITMES Hungary's IT network, the complete data communication necessary for the operation of the company, the exchange of data between the company software and the teleworkers' services were also solved, as well as the data retrieval and retrieval tasks. One of our main profiles is designing and implementing local networks, transforming existing networks. We pay great attention to choosing the right devices to ensure that the technology used is consistent with the size of your business and the expected costs.

ITMES Hungary provides the following IT network and device support:

  • -Designing and building of IT network
  • -IT devices, computers: purchase and installation of servers and client computers
  • -Designing and building IT security tools: building firewalls, virus protection, backup tools and solutions, and building RAID arrays and mirrored data protection solutions
  • -Developing data link networks between VPN networks and sites, both virtual and wired or wireless
  • -IT consulting, solutions finding
  • -etc;

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