Benefits of using robots:

    -Increasing quality and production
    -Reduce power consumption with lighting and space heating
    -Increase employee comfort and reduce the risk of illness
    -Predictable operating and maintenance costs for longer - increase efficiency.
    -Production optimization

Our services:

  • advice on robot selection
  • process analysis for automation
  • selection of additional equipment required for integration
  • integration and achieving process testing
  • special training for company employees in the use of equipment
  • we offer prototype systems for a variety of applications, from lifting and implanting, palletizing and handling parts and products to safety inspection, line tracking, selection and drilling. We can work with any small, medium or large FANUC or KUKA robot to automate and integrate your robot system.

ITMES Hungary offers a wide range of our robotic systems, including 5- or 6-axis motion systems that can be between 10 cm and 3 m. Weighing between 1 kg and 1200 kg, it is an ideal choice for large or small system applications. The ends of the machine parts can be selected and fitted to suit the needs of your installation or operation: automatic tool changers, multi-head tools, vacuum systems, grippers and pneumatic equipment. Customers in industries such as medical, complex and mining rely on Fanuc or Trash robot systems and our integration services. Please contact us for more information.