Check the progress of web production

It is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) application developed entirely by the Indaco Project in a web environment to manage and control a company’s production function.

Thanks to Indaco, the following information can be retrieved:

  • -Production times
  • -Downtime (non-productivity) with relative causal consequences
  • -Quantity produced and production waste
  • -Compliance with the correct operating sequence given in the production plan, in particular the correct declaration of the quantities produced
  • -Man / machine consensus for a single work phase

The data collection system is fully parameterizable and allows the customer to insert any type of query into the data collected according to their needs.


  • -Data collection is done in real time and in a controlled way
  • -Each operator declares the activity and the machine on which they work, with the appropriate ability to dynamically create teams of operators and work in multiple phases simultaneously and automatically allocate working time
  • -Activities check this at check-in to avoid subsequent management needs and reduce the time taken to correct erroneous declarations to zero
  • -The data is available on the intranet or from all PCs of the company connected to the Internet

Work orders

To report the start of an activity, each employee must enter their ID and the type of activity to be performed. This data can be entered using optical, RFID or magnetic readers using the included keyboard.

The work order is generated automatically by Indaco. For each item to be created, the program obtains the necessary processing steps from the company's management software. Each phase is associated with a unique processing code in the form of a barcode that is used by the operator to report progress.

The work schedule, like all documents created by the program, is available in the following formats: PDF, Excel, Word, Rtf, Xml, text only

Touch screenAnother way to select a schedule is the touch screen, which has the advantage of eliminating the use of the card. An ID reader is connected to the monitor. As you approach the ID, your manager will see the work arrangements associated with the ID, from which you can easily and quickly select the task you are interested in.


Real-time monitoring

The dashboard provides information about what is happening in the company in real time, that is, when production is in progress. When you select the "real-time" item, you can display different synoptic panels, each of which provides information from a different perspective at a glance.

For example, you can choose between a summary based on an order or a summary based on individual operators. For the operator, the program shows how many and what pieces he made, for how long, and what the production phase was like. The relationship between the two values is equal to the yield of production, which allows us to know immediately if the work is fast or - on the contrary - too slow.

Synoptic maps

In the "real-time" menu, select "Synoptic Maps" to display production department maps, each of which has a diagram of how resources are allocated. Simple and intuitive graphic symbols allow you to know instantly whether or not an employee is present in the company or when performing an activity.

It is also possible to set parameters that alert the driver if the employee has not reported an activity for too long.

The daily impression

The daily display allows each operator to learn more about their activities based on the selected day and provide the operator with a "daily record" that is ideal for checking the production situation of a given department.

The following appears:

    -manufacturing orders on which the worker worked
    -the time required for each phase
    -the type and quantity of the piece produced

The program balances the hours worked physically to check if the two data are compatible and if not, it is an anomaly.

Verification prints

Control printing allows you to check the work of your employees and correct any anomalies. Like any other print or statistic, even the controller is highly parameterizable thanks to the ability to filter through which employees can be checked and the parameters by which they can control how the display is restricted to those who show a difference between presence and between real working hours which is more than 15 minutes.

A convenient option allows the program to automatically send the created document to the selected mailbox at a preset time. This means that the manager can check the status of the previous day’s work every morning without starting Indaco or sitting in front of his or her own computer.


The Indaco program also allows the operator to manually enter a list of activities performed (end times) at the end of the day without having to check production in real and real time. This service is specifically designed for:

    -employees who perform high-level activities or who perform several tasks at the same time and who are not always able to accurately report changes in their activities;
    -companies whose production activity consists of both internal and external phases and the external phases can be declared in the final balance;
    -external third-party workers who are only involved in one stage of production.


Indaco can generate statistics on both current and completed activities, generating some standard and other reports that can be customized on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the parameters set, different aspects can be highlighted.

Megtekintheti az egyes alkalmazottak vagy az egész vállalat statisztikáit, a feldolgozott termékeket, az áthúzott feldolgozási lépéseket, a jó és eldobott darabokat, az óránként előállított darabok átlagát.

The time division is very accurate: the total time used to make the piece is divided into the time of suspension, preparation, start, and processing; the total time used to produce each piece of the resource is also available. The accuracy of the data allows the identification of weak points in production and the detection of the necessary interventions for the purpose of optimizing the whole process.

Statistics are available in analytical and graphical formats to make them even more intuitive and easy to understand.


Connection to the management system

Offered by ITMES Hungary production supervision program able to connect to inbound and outbound management systems (data import / export).

It uses data from the incoming data, the batches to be produced from the management software and the various production phases. Indaco associates a code with each phase and monitors production progress. At the end of production, the data is returned to the management system, which calculates production costs depending on the times and resources used.

It is possible to communicate with the handling of pieces that are continuously produced at the moment when they are announced, to create the associated warehouse management and a real-time production planning.

Interconnection with time and attendance systems

ITMES Hungary can also be connected to time and attendance systems. This allows you to balance production with attendance and make it easier to return to potential resource failures during the logon phase. The maximum difference between hours and working hours is a variable parameter that can be set according to the customer's needs. Beyond this value, the program will report the anomaly to the operator.



Web, Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 and ASP.NET based

Web Server requests

Microsoft IIS

OS system compatibility

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012

Data Base

Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014

Client-side browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer or better, Mozilla FireFox 4 or better, Opera 10 or better

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 pixel minimum from Client

Hard drive

2 GB from the server

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