Tomwork + 5.0 Automatic warehouse for handling tools, implements and equipment

TomWork + 5.0 is the new personal storage machine designed as a dispenser and automatic warehouse for handling multiple pick-ups and returns of different sizes of tools and gauges. This product is designed to control the handling of value objects in real time. Thanks to card or reprint login, the user can be identified and the machine will check to collect only objects that are enabled.


As a tool store, TomWork + can even 710 different sizes (tool, measuring tool, etc.). You can note how many times it was taken, when the devices were returned, how long they were used, how long it takes to replace it, so you can get full management of your devices in real time. Automating the process allows the company to save time.


Larger than Tom3D, TomWork + 5.0 can also handle the undo of PPE and objects and follows the same principle. Both as a dispenser and / or as a warehouse, TomWork + provides a high degree of parameterization according to the customer's concerns, thanks to the monitoring of the Web Sesamo dispensing software, which tracks all movements with date, time, username and the status of the returned object.


The dimensions of the TomWork + are h 190 x w 100 x d 78 cm with a 230 V power supply. It has up to 10 drive disks, which means that each disk can have a different function, such as setting up the first and second publishers and running the third as a repository. Selected objects can be taken out and returned through an entrance door. The operations are very simple with the touch screen monitor and multilingual voice control. TomWork + handles all card and biometric systems.