Parking Systems

The parking system offered by ITMES Hungary is a free or paid parking solution that allows companies or authorities to manage car parks automatically without staff.

We provide an accessible parking solution based on the ticket, card (subscription) or vehicle registration number. Our parking systems can be used in applications such as shopping malls, private or public parking spaces, multi-storey or underground garages, traffic control in restricted areas, public or private roads and highways.

Advantages of the parking systems distributed by ITMES Hungary:

  • -It is a simple, accurate and clear indication of what the visitor should do
  • -It issues a parking certificate
  • -The owner can change the tariffs and the charging system as required
  • -Prints by thermal printer (no ink / toner)
  • -Provides high reliability with minimal maintenance
  • -Data protection in case of power failure, internal clock, easy to use, fast service in case of failure
  • -Possibility of on-line use
  • -IP54 protection, outdoor use permitted (publisher-readers, barriers)

  • Any parking system is profitable if you follow the following rules:
  • - if you have not spent more than is absolutely necessary for automation;
  • - the units purchased allow for the actual collection of parking fees;
  • - if the fees collected are actually in the pocket of the operator and not the "dedicated" employee;
  • - in the event of a malfunction or intentional damage, a qualified service center is available;
  • - if you don’t want to worry about local financial laws;